Steps to Configure the Guest Network on TP-Link Archer

Guest Network access facility with the TP-Link routers gives secure Wi-Fi access to visitors. For sharing home or office network organized for guests in a home network or work environment.

You can set distinctive get to alternatives for Guest Network clients, which is exceptionally viable to guarantee the security and protection of your location.

Steps to Configure the Guest Network on TP-Link Archer

  • After the successful login to the TP-Link router settings, go for the option enabling the 2.4GHz, 5GHz option.20160415075206
  • You can select the option Hide SSID is you want to allow the users to manually allow the input to the SSID network access.20160415075245
  • Here you can select the security for the WPA/WPA2 Personal.20160415075658
  • Simply click on the Save option to save all the settings you have made. Your guests get allowed to accessing home network only by username &  password. Set for the home network.

Three different options for enabling TP-Link router network access via options given below.

  • You can allow the guests to see each other. Guests allowed to communicate with each other. By the communication method, you set.
  • Allow guests to communicate with devices. Attach router’s LAN ports or main network with network neighbors.
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