Login to TP-Link Router User Interface

Every Router consists a variety of useful features that are safe for online networking. The router makes work or social life easy due to providing a vast reach around the world. If you bought a router for your home or office also then you require configuration information. Configuration info helps a user to do basic to advance setting for their router. You can’t get into router user interface until you do log in to the router so, all TP-link router users we have step to step guide for tplinklogin.  In this blog, you will also learn what settings become available by single router configuration. So, get ready with a TP-Link router, compatible web browser & a computer or wireless device. Let’s get started now.

Steps for Login to TP-Link Router User Interface

  • Launch a web browser, Enter default address //tplinklogin.net in browser address bar & press Go.  By this, you will access configuration utility.
  • In Login window, Enter Admin in Username or Password box then Click Ok & press Enter Key.
  • After Login, Click on Quick Setup menu for faster router configuration.
  • Now, Click on Next & then WAN Connection Type Page emerges.
  • The router will provide Auto-Detect feature & support PPPoE, Dynamic IP and Static. These are popular methods for connecting to the internet.
  • Choose Auto-Detection, it will discover the type of internet connection your ISP Providing.  With this, you can select connection type & Click Next to continue.
  • If you have an active internet connection then, TP-Link router will show suitable configuration page.
  • In case, connection type detects as a PPPoE, the screen might look like this.
  • Enter Username & password for PPPoE, given by your ISP.
  • You require entering the password again for confirmation. If Password is incorrect then screen might look like this.

Settings Possible After tplinklogin

  • When the user completes TP-Link router login successfully, door to advanced settings gets open for the users.  
  • The first option comes from Status page. Status Page gives current details regarding Router in read-only format.
  • Next is Quick Setup that we have done earlier.
  • QSS is a further option, by this, a new wireless device can be added to an access network.
  • In Network Menu, there are three options LAN, WAN & MAC Clone.
  • Wireless Settings get to use for configuring the basic settings for the wireless network.

We are quite sure that above mention steps will help you for your router configuration. You can ask any query for TP-Link router. We have a dedicated team which is working for several years. The team remains available 24/7 on the toll-free number. You can also contact the team via Live Chat support. Just like other users you also can take technical support for router login & configuration issue. Expert’s advice saves time & money & also increases the Life-shell of the router. If you have any Feedback or comments regarding our team & services, drop it in the comment box.

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