Tips to Improve the Wireless Speed for TP-Link Router

The slow internet speed is one of the biggest headaches for the router users. The slow speed of the internet can have a number of reasons but here in this blog we will discuss the some advance tips you can try to boost the WiFi speed for the TP-Link routers.

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Steps to Connect with WiFi Network Using Android Phone

Accessing the WiFi internet using the smart devices like Android phones is one of the main reasons. Behind configuring the home network using the TP-Link wireless routers. Here we are explaining the steps you will need to follow if you want to access the WiFi signals using your smartphone. Contact team for support anytime.If you need help for the TP-Link router WiFi configurations.

Steps for connecting with the WiFi Access to Home Network

  • Go for the settings option on your mobile phone.Next simply turn ON the WiFi or Wireless or Networks option from there.11
  • 12Choose the WiFi network and fill the WiFi password and after filling the password simply go for the “Connect” option.21
  • 22If the password is correct, you will be connected with the WiFi access.3132

Above are simple steps User need to follow for connecting with the WiFi access at their home network. Or they face issues with the network connections, you can contact our professional team for the help. We are operating via the toll-free number. Contact us for more.

Steps to Configure the Guest Network on TP-Link Archer

Guest Network access facility with the TP-Link routers gives secure Wi-Fi access to visitors. For sharing home or office network organized for guests in a home network or work environment.

You can set distinctive get to alternatives for Guest Network clients, which is exceptionally viable to guarantee the security and protection of your location.

Steps to Configure the Guest Network on TP-Link Archer

  • After the successful login to the TP-Link router settings, go for the option enabling the 2.4GHz, 5GHz option.20160415075206
  • You can select the option Hide SSID is you want to allow the users to manually allow the input to the SSID network access.20160415075245
  • Here you can select the security for the WPA/WPA2 Personal.20160415075658
  • Simply click on the Save option to save all the settings you have made. Your guests get allowed to accessing home network only by username &  password. Set for the home network.

Three different options for enabling TP-Link router network access via options given below.

  • You can allow the guests to see each other. Guests allowed to communicate with each other. By the communication method, you set.
  • Allow guests to communicate with devices. Attach router’s LAN ports or main network with network neighbors.

How to Set Up IPv6 Service for TP-Link Router

Are you facing issues with the configuring the IPv6 service for the TP-Link routers? Here we are explaining the simple steps for configuring the IPv6 service for the TP-Link routers. Make sure that your service provider has provided you with the IPv6 Service. If not, please contact you service provide and consider the IPv6 service for your network.


Configure the Physical Connections for your Network

  • First of all, power OFF the modem and then with the help of the Ethernet cable, connect one end to the TP-Link router internet port and connect another end to the modem LAN port.image002_1474166709030u
  • With the help of the Ethernet cable, create a physical connection between the TP-Link router and the computer that will be used for the configuration.
  • Power ON the modem’s power supply.

Further Steps for the IPv6 Configurations

  • Go for the TP-Link router login page using the local access.
  • After the successful login you will find the IPv6 Setup option under the IPv6 Support option.
  • “Check” the option Enable IPv6. Here we taking the PPPoEv6 as an example for further explanation.
  • Fill the User Name and the Password for the further configuration steps.
  • Choose the option Get IPv6 prefix delegation.
  • Here you will need to choose the option.
  • Simply click on the option.

These are the simple steps that you will need to follow if you want to configure the TP-Link routers for the IPv6 services. Please feel free to contact our support any time you need help regarding any kind of issue you are facing with the TP-Link router configurations and setup.

Find the Hardware version on a TP-Link Router

You may require the hardware version for the TP-Link routers in many cases such as firmware update & many other configurations. This is the main reason user may require the TP-Link router hardware versions for the  Here we are explaining the very simple steps to find the hardware version for the TP-Link routers.


  • Find the Hardware Version for the TP-Link Router from the Label

Step for Finding Hardware Version

Simple turn backs of the device and finds the option “Ver: X.Y”. Here find the Serial Number from there the number X will be your hardware version.